Working frequency: 125KHZ
Proximity distance: 2-15cm
Size: ISO standard card / thick card / non-standard card
Packing material: PVC, ABS
Packing process: lamination, self-adhesive, ultrasonic package
Number: Sequential number printing
Typical applications: identification, attendance systems, access control systems, property identification, inductive smart locks, channel systems, process control, parking, logistics, animal identification, industrial automation, meeting attendance, electronic tags, supermarkets, warehouse management, personnel management and security systems.

Mifare1 S50 Coin Card
Chip: MI fare 1 S50
Memory:32Kbit, 32 partitions, each partition has two passwords
Working frequency: 13.56MHZ
Communication speed: 106Kboud
Read & write distance: 5-10CM
Read& write time: 1-2MS
Working temperature: -20 ℃ -85 ℃
No. of rewritable:>100,000 times
Data storage:> 10 years
Specification:0.86 × 85.5 × 54mm
Non-standard card packaging materials: PVC, PET, 0.13 copper wire, currently available for blank cards, printed cards, photo cards, TAG, etc.
Packing process: ultrasonic auto plant lines / Automatic Welding
Production standard: ISO 14443, ISO 10536
Applications :Enterprise/campus card, bus card, highway fees, parking, residential management etc.