Contactless data transmission, and no power supply is needed.
Operating distance: ≤100 mm
Operating Frequency:13.56 MHZ
Fast data transfer: 106 k bit / s, 212 k bit /s, 424 k bit / s
Chip memory: 4K, 8K, 16K, 32K, 64K, etc.

The application firewall functions of CPU card can ensure the secure independence of the different applications in one card. Financial industry requires higher security and they take CPU card as the standard for the next-generation bank card. Using contactless CPU card can eliminate counterfeit cards, forged terminals, counterfeit trade, and ultimately ensures the security of the system.
At the same time, with its high-capacity storage space, contactless CPU card can meet the storage of more customer information that is required for intended large amount consumer applications. And the safety is not only for the security of electronic money stored in the card at this moment, but also including the security of personal information. The safety mechanism of contactless IC card can provide a good protection for this.
Chip Model: FM1204, FM1208, FM1216, FM12DE32,SHC1108, CIU5108A / B, Mi fare DES fire 2K, Mi fare DES fire 4K, Mifare DES fire 8K,MIFARE PRO etc.
Widely used in the field of radio frequency identification, such as urban card, bus, subway, light rail, attendance, access control systems, business card systems, retail, insurance, medical, health, school, residence permit, driver management and so on.