CPPCC Shandong provincial capital cities, focus on the construction of interconnection traffic

  CPPCC Shandong Province, recently held a meeting counterparts, strengthen capital cities around the economic circle of major interconnection infrastructure construction, organization and members of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial Department of Transportation, Department of Water Resources, Provincial Communications Authority and the city group involving seven cities about responsible person consultations.

  For a long time, the capital city of Shandong economic circle development is the focus of public attention. Throughout the country more mature economic zone development, mostly first seek a breakthrough in the transport sector. Before the meeting, the Joint Economic Committee of the CPPCC Shandong Province CPPCC 7-depth research, part of the provincial CPPCC members organized a study tour to go to other provinces. Reporters found that the problems encountered in the seven cities with considerable universality: transportation infrastructure funding constraints, the construction of much-needed infrastructure support land policy, aspect relates to the neighboring cities of interconnection there alone, conflicts and other situations . Some problems have been inconclusive, but in advancing the process, the lack of overall coordination, resulting in good policy is difficult landing and the like.

  New construction of the Yellow River is a hot topic this year. Qihe currently being built Zizi Yellow River Bridge, opened to traffic for this year's National Day. "Not only to build the bridge across the Yellow, Yellow River to increase and accelerate the construction of the tunnel it is very necessary." Dezhou CPPCC Vice Chairman Li Shimin suggested between Rakhine State Bridge and Zizi Yellow River Bridge, and then build a new Yellow River Bridge - Qi long Yellow River Bridge, across the river to increase channel. Li Shimin also recommends that within the group of vehicles throughout the city exempt from tolls should be implemented to promote urban agglomeration Jinan links.

  Jinan City Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the Su-mei said then, Jinan insufficient space for development, the hinterland small problem is very prominent. Future should be combined with strategies and Jinan north across New construction, promote the overall development of Jinan and Dezhou Huanghebei area Qihe, Yucheng, Linyi and other regional integration and development, expand the space.

  Starting last May, Zile bus officially entered the "card" era. Then, other cities can achieve as quickly as possible and Jinan Bus "card"? In this regard, Tai'an City, the relevant department heads are recommended to enable residents of Jinan, Tai'an information network, travel, medical and everyday life, "Card", Dezhou relevant departments also recommend established in Jinan, the provincial public transport "card" clearing platform, the first to achieve Jinan, Dezhou and Beijing, Tianjin and "One card" networking.

  See the Metropolitan Public facilities exist "go it alone", the CPPCC Standing Committee of Shandong Province Teng Chao said, "the province should set up a strong coordination mechanism to co-ordinate plans; at the same time should open vision and thinking ahead , Beijing, Tianjin and Yangtze River Delta docking ...... "for funding generally reflect the CPPCC provincial Director of macroeconomic forecasting Center of Shandong University Xuchao Li said that is not feasible to expect fiscal take money, even if the government's investment and financing platform, it is also considered is how to get the benefit as soon as possible, "the capital market does not recognize what projects are no good. the key is to study throughout the project and what benefits can come to exchange, in order to arouse interest in the capital."

  After listening to speeches, Shandong Province CPPCC Vice Chairman Chen requirement, the provincial CPPCC Economic Commission as soon as possible to extract good opinions and suggestions of all parties to form a problem to find a prospective, measures have to mention false report, focusing on the outcome of consultations do follow up the implementation, make it into capital cities, accelerate the pace of economic circle construction effective driving force.